Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Frog Whisperer

We have had a ton of rain this week which means no work on the pool! We have SO many frogs that live around our the end of our street is a pond on the golf course so I think that contributes to the abundance of frogs we have. Anyway, I'm a big fan of frogs - they eat bugs and mosquitoes and they remind me of being a kid. Win, win! 

Well, Madeline is a super fan. Green rain frogs, those kind of frogs with the freakishly long legs, and toad frogs...she loves them all. Since the rain, our pool has become a large frog trap so she spends her afternoons "rescuing" them from the pool. It really is a rescue because they can't get out once they get in since there's no water in it. But the rescue usually involves being carried around in a bucket for a while until Madeline finishes making a "home" for them and finally releases them. Usually some reprimanding "for jumping" is involved too. How dare those frogs try to jump out of the rescue bucket? :) 

If you look close, you'll see Polly photo bombing as usual! :) My sweet girl...she shows me how to find joy in the simple things, and I show her how to wash her hands properly after frog handling! ;) 

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