Sunday, April 19, 2015

Weekend Recap

We had a good weekend! I felt like I needed some girl time with Madeline so we went to see "Home". It was so cute! I took a selfie in the parking lot of me in my new glasses! I got a little bold with the leopard print but I love them! haha 

Yesterday we went to Lowe's for some extremely exciting things like fungicide and weed eater string, and I saw these rims for lawnmowers. You can imagine the excitement! I begged  Terry to get them...he wasn't convinced they were cool or worth $60. Maybe I'll hook him up for Father's Day! :)

After Lowe's we had to go to a farm in Milton for Madeline's 4 year pictures. I realize I am 4 months late...whatever. We got there a little early and had some time to kill so Terry took us muddin'. Oh my word it was so fun. It has been so rainy so the mud was flying only took one big puddle before we rolled the windows up! I think we both agreed the mud inside the truck was worth the fun we had! 

Madeline's cousin, Mya, also got her pictures made. I snapped this of the two of them before the shoot. They're so stinking cute together! Madeline was a ham for this photographer...I have never seen her like she was on Saturday. I may have a little super model on my hands! haha I can't wait to see the pictures! 

This morning we didn't go to church because we were under a tornado watch and the weather was pretty bad. Madeline has been battling a cold too so we just decided to stay home. The weather cleared up late this afternoon so we headed to the beach. The red flag was out so we didn't swim plus the purple flag was out too which means dangerous marine life. Somebody on the beach said it was for jelly fish but either way, not worth getting in the water. 

It was still so pretty! The waves were huge! 

Look at those running skills! 

Be still my these two! 

Terry decided to make Madeline into a mermaid, which was super amusing for her! 

Then, this happened so we packed up and headed to dinner. 

We went to Crabs which is our favorite restaurant on the beach. The atmosphere is perfect - there's a playground for the kids, loud music, and the food is pretty good too! We don't go often, but always enjoy it when we do go! Of course, it's Madeline's favorite place to go because she gets to play in the sand before dinner! 

It was a pretty good weekend despite the bad weather! 

This is a big week...Terry's dad has a MRI on Wednesday to see how well the gamma knife worked on the largest brain tumor so we're a little anxious about that. He's going for his 3rd chemo treatment and so far he's been feeling pretty good. We're just praying he continues to stay well and not get sick from the treatment, and of course for good news from the neurosurgeon Wednesday. Twayne is having surgery the same day on his wrist so it'll be a big day for everyone. 


  1. Every time I read about your adventures, it looks like y'all are on VACATION! But, this is really your life!! It seems to good to be true!! Madeline looks so big in the pictures on the beach!!

    Prayers for y'all on Wednesday!

  2. I love your glasses and the rims!!! Lance might need some of those!!!