Thursday, April 23, 2015


Terry's dad got a good report yesterday - the largest brain tumor is about 1/3 smaller, one of the small ones is almost gone, and the other small one is 1/3 smaller. So for now, he'll do chemo on Mondays, and lung radiation on Tuesdays and Fridays. Our prayer is that it continues to work, and that he can stay well throughout treatment. The nurse said people usually get sick between treatments 7 and 9 so we still have a long road ahead. He'll go back in 2 months for another scan to check on everything. 

Terry and I took Madeline to school and then headed to the hospital on base for his surgery. We got there pretty early so we just rode around on base. It is so pretty! 

We found this guy in the road...of course, I had to get him to safety. Terry humored me and stopped so I could put him in the woods. Made my day! 

Terry's surgery went well once it finally got done. The case before his got delayed so his got delayed by FIVE hours. He was not happy to say the least.  The anesthesiologist came and gave him some happy medicine and he started cracking jokes. They had to go through his neck to do a nerve block on his arm, and he told the anesthesiologist she better be careful not to break her needle going through all those muscles. haha What made it funnier is that she did have to get a bigger needle so we all got a good laugh. He started losing feeling in his arm and then he just got crazy. I was dying laughing and taking pictures and video because I'm a good wife like that! He did fine, he'll be out of work for a couple of weeks, and some restrictions on lifting and stuff for 6 weeks. His doctor was super nice and I knew the anesthesiologist from where I work now so that was nice. I have to say he was so super sweet after surgery. 

Pre-happy juice 

Feeling good! haha 
The wave! hahahaha

After surgery...doing the "Madeline" wink 

We barely made it to Madeline before 6pm, and I felt so bad. I told her we'd be picking her up early and we were like the last ones there. Anyway, by the time we got her, got Terry settled, and ate dinner, it was late. I told Madeline we could only read one book last night so she better pick a good one. This is what she picked...

I've never been more proud! :)
 Today, we're so grateful for good news and God's goodness! 

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