Monday, April 6, 2015


Easter was jam packed but so much fun!!!

We started bright and early with Easter baskets. I bought very little candy for Madeline, and honestly I just put leftover eggs I sent to her school in her basket because oh my goodness at the candy this year. She probably has more than she did at Halloween and we still have one more egg hunt today. Anyway, so she got some new sunglasses, a bathing suit, and a couple of shirts I couldn't resist at the Gap outlet! 

The Easter bunny brought Terry a little something too but forgot his basket! :) 

We went to a new church Sunday which was a little awkward since it was Easter but we still haven't found a church. We really liked the church we visited Sunday so we're going to go back next week. It's a lot bigger than our last church so it's a little intimidating but the people were so friendly, the worship music was awesome, and the preaching was good too. Well, what I could hear of the preaching - a certain 4 year old wasn't on her best behavior. Next Sunday she'll be going to children's church for sure. 

Anyway, I snapped a couple of pictures as soon as we got home. Terry skipped pictures because he started coughing up a lung as soon as we got in the car and didn't stop til we got home. He's been to the dr 3 times over the past 3 weeks, and they finally sent him to the ER on Friday and he has pneumonia! Poor guy! 

I got Madeline's dress from Old Navy, and she looked so sweet! She took her bow out about 5 minutes after we got to church! 

Selfie with mom! 

After church we went to Terry's aunt Michele's house. Michele has totally taken Madeline in as one of her own granddaughters, and Madeline adores her! She had an Easter basket waiting on her when she got there with a bracelet to match all the cousins! 

I spent my day stealing this baby from his momma! I steal him every chance I get - he's 4 months old and I could eat him up! He was fascinated by looking at himself! 

Madeline kept carrying this bunny around, and I kept getting on to her because I didn't want her to break it. Of course, I picked it up to put it back and the head came off! I almost died...I fixed him though! 

Family picture time...

Left to right - Terry's Uncle Stan, Aunt Marsha, Aunt Michele, his dad, and his grandpa 

Terry's Grandpa and his wife, Margaret 

Photo bomber - Madeline and Mya - let me tell you these two are crazy. Hugging one minute and duking it out the next! Guess that's what cousins are for! 

Sweet girls! 

This was Madeline's reaction when I told her it was time to go...she was so sad!  She was covered in dirt...signs of a good time! 

And about 5 minutes in the car!
So thankful for family, and our Risen Savior! 

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  1. Looks like a great Easter! It makes my heart so happy to see y'all hanging out with family so much! I know that is a blessing! Terry looks like his Dad in these pictures! Hope Terry gets to feeling better! Miss you guys!!