Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Around The House...

We've been staying busy...the pups got a hair cut today! They never look like the same dogs when I pick them up! 

My handsome Gizmo...I just adore this pup! 

And Phoebe (below)...the dumbest dog of all time. Polly got a haircut too but she runs from the camera. 

Madeline and I have been whipping up some gourmet meals! :) We made these cupcakes and she did the decorating. She took it really seriously...I was proud of her! 

Saturday was a tough day in the kitchen for me! haha I burnt the boiled eggs that we were supposed to dye and then I burnt Terry and Madeline's fancy corn dog lunch! I am still learning my appliances, and I get easily distracted. My oven cooks really fast - like crazy fast. Hopefully I'll have it down by Thanksgiving! 

I did make this masterpiece on the grill last night. Asparagus is whats in the foil...those shrimp were amazing! 

And the latest pool progress. Terry and I have decided that a pool could probably be done in a week if they would come and work every day. *sigh* We know the construction industry all to well to expect something crazy like working all day! 

They came early Saturday to do the concrete and they're supposed to come today or tomorrow to do the plaster which makes it smooth. 

They put the pool a little closer to the house than we originally wanted but they did do exactly how it was on paper. We just didn't realize it would be quite that close...but at the end of the day, it's a pool and we're stoked! 

Madeline said take a picture of me posing...oh man, that girl! 

This pose cracks me up! She is always doing some kind of crazy pose or trick. 

And her favorite thing to do right now is play of the dirt mountain in our backyard. She LOVES dirt! 

That's pretty much life over the past week! 


  1. Looks like a great life!! Love her posing and the pile of dirt!!

  2. miss that little girl! and y'all too! :)