Sunday, September 29, 2013

Weekend Update

 This weekend we went to our friend Kylee's 5th birthday party. It was probably the cutest party I've been to. Maybe it has something to do with my affection for cake but it was so cute! Madeline is addicted to sugar so she pretty much had the time of her life! Each kid got to make a pizza and then decorate their own individual cake. Adorable!

 Madeline's cake started out pretty modest...

But before long she had enough candy on her cake to open her own candy store. I'm pretty sure she ate about the same amount that was on top of her cake. 

I feel as if this photo (below) adequately describes the success of the party! No clothes, an awesome party hat, and not long after she passed out! We had so much fun!!!

Finally, to add to the weekend fun, I saw this in HEB. Terry and I are obsessed with the commercial for this - like stomach hurting laughter. I've only seen it twice which is kind of a shame. If you haven't seen this infomercial, you are really missing out. For your viewing convenience I attached it below. It is hilarious - so beware of your q-tips this week...they are dangerous! And if you need a wax vac now you don't have to wait, HEB has lots of them! You're welcome!

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