Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hotel Livin'

Last Friday our fridge went out so Terry bought a new one. Well, Monday night we found a big puddle of water in the kitchen and then in our bedroom. It was coming out of the baseboards and under the floor in our room. So we panicked a little, shut off the water, called the plumber and filed an insurance claim. We have pretty much the highest deductible we could get so filing the insurance claim was a big deal. But we knew from the water that the floor was going to have to be replaced and the wall torn out to find out where the leak was coming from. Well, three plumbers later it was determined that Madeline had pulled the filter out of the bottom of the new fridge causing all the water that was supposed to go to the ice maker to go all over the floor. Water follows the path of least resistance so that's why it went under the wall into our room. 

Anyway, the insurance sent out a water mitigation team and they are drying everything and making all the repairs. They want us to keep our house at 85 degrees while everything is drying. That, in addition to all of the equipment and the fact that our kitchen is unusable, qualified us to stay in a hotel on the insurance. If you could feel how hot it is and hear how loud it is, you would leave too! haha Not to mention Madeline just wants to touch everything they have set up. So we're in a hotel for now and I am kinda going back and forth checking on things. And wouldn't you know our house was supposed to go on the market Monday. Haha! Not happening! But our kitchen is getting a new paint job and we get a new floor in our room. And we have our health! haha 

Our room - its kinda sideways

I was kind of shocked at how much damage water can wasn't really even that much water.

Madeline has not been at all disappointed staying in the "castle". She talked on the phone quite a bit last night. We unplugged it to be on the safe side!

I finally had to tell her to get off the phone and go to bed. She said, "What, Mom? I'm just talking to Aunt Brooke!" Oh, man...we have our work cut out for us!

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