Thursday, January 2, 2014


 We spent Christmas at Terry's sister's house in Oklahoma. It was so fun and relaxed! We got there Monday night and had to make Santa some cookies. Of course, Terry thought he might like a "T" cookie! Sadly, it got broken. I made a gingerbread man that looked more like a ninja. Madeline made a star and put about 1.6 billion sprinkles on it.

 We opened presents on Christmas Eve morning. I have to admit, I don't remember a lot of it. I had been sick all weekend and late Monday night started coughing so hard I was vomiting and wheezing. Terry tried to get me to go to the ER but I knew I would be waiting forever since I wasn't hemorrhaging or having a heart attack. So I took some hard core meds around 2am and it knocked me out. Like until 2pm the next day. I managed to get up for opening presents but missed breakfast and lunch.

 Madeline's big gift was a bike and she has no clue how to ride it. I really thought it wouldn't be that different than her tricycle but I was so wrong! We've been working on it though. I hope by the Spring she will be a pro! We got her a bike and a couple of other toys and that was it. Terry's sister always goes crazy buying for Madeline so I knew she would have a million things to open, and she did. It is so fun being a parent at Christmas!

Gary, the kitten, had to get in on the action!

Notice the heels? And the 3 outfit changes in about 10 minutes? Story of our lives these days!

And I probably got the best gift...haha

On Christmas Day we went to Madeline's Uncle John's mom's house. Is that complicated? Anyway, his mom has chickens, guinea fowl, a turkey, horses, etc. Madeline had the time of her life. It was FREEZING but she played outside for forever. She chased the turkey for a long time and caught him once or twicebut got scared and backed off. It was so funny! 

 Speaking of turkey, John fried 3 turkeys and it was the best turkey I have ever eaten! Definitely gonna try frying it next year!

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