Thursday, April 21, 2016

Weekend Update

We had a great weekend...I made these pie homemade and I thought they were the cutest things ever. I made raspberry though and they were a little tart...lesson learned more sugar is better! 

Saturday my friend Amy and I went shopping early and had lunch without kids! It was the best! Then we all met back at her house for homemade pizza. It was amazing!!!

A baby in a box...courtesy of Terry. I had to snap a picture before I rescued him. 

This was the story of the night -- spit up! He doesn't seem to mind but gosh its all the time! 

Madeline spent the night with Evie and went to their church Sunday morning. How cute are these girls? So sweet! 

My other friend from high school also goes to church there and these girls are all buddies. SO cute! 

Sunday we got a lot done around our house early and then it was party time for Polly! This guy was in a great mood and looking so cute in his bathing suit! 

Phoebe ready to party! haha #mydogshateme

We grilled and swam ALL afternoon. It was perfect! There was frisbee, volleyball, and some tree climbing too. The kind of day that makes you love Sundays! 

There was also music...and Evie LOVES to dance! 

My sweet boy

Best buds! 

Friends that are like family! 

An Ethan sandwich...Madeline is trying to "make him smile" haha

Have you ever seen anything cuter than this boy in his baseball hat? 

Amy got a puppy last week so we took a selfie with our babies! How cute is that pup???

I made Polly a birthday cake...we scraped off the chocolate frosting for her so she could eat it. I made yellow cake with coca cola chocolate was SO good! 

Happy Birthday, Polly!! 

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