Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Cousin Fun

The week before Easter, my sister in law came in town with her kids. My brother was working in Australia so she braved a trip to Florida from Virginia by herself!!! I was super proud. 

The night they got here we had a pizza party and a flashlight egg hunt. It was so fun...definitely doing this every year. 

Poor Ethan had to watch from the window...it was so cold. 

My friend Amy and her kids came too! 

The next day, they played outside all morning...notice Madeline is in the same clothes! haha

We loaded up later and went to Crabs and did a little shopping on the beach. It was STILL cold. 

It did my heart so much good to see my sweet Cara! She was my bestie in Maryland and we did everything together. I hate that she lives so far away, but love that my best friend became my sister in law! 

I may have watched the kids so Cara could take a nap and let the girls put on makeup...they look so good! 

We did make a valiant effort to go to the beach but it was still cold and it was SO windy. I hated that the weather was so crummy while they were here. 

How sweet are these two? I have to say, Luke is the sweetest boy ever. I mean melt my heart sweet. I love that boy, even though he told me Uncle Terry was his favorite. Addy said the same thing. Not fair. 

We tried to get a decent picture and this was the best we got. haha 

It was such a good visit...thinking our next big road trip is gonna have to be to Virginia! :) 

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