Thursday, March 31, 2016

March Madness

March has been a busy month! We started the month with a visit from Terry's sister...aka Madeline's favorite person! Their spring break was a week before ours so they came and stayed at a condo on the beach. Madeline basically spent every second she wasn't in school with them and had the best time! 

Right when they got here, the girls HAD to go swimming...even though it was too cold. Obviously, it didn't bother Madeline. Check out that pose...#sassy

Aunt Nat and Uncle John bought Madeline this awesome shark while they were here...she and Emily got spoiled rotten. 

Of course we went to's our go to place on the beach. It was too cold to sit outside but it was still fun! Natalie got the famous leg drink! haha 

Uncle John and Ethan 

We went to Peg Leg Pete's for St. Patrick's Day and it did not band, playground, and delicious seafood. It was a good time! 

#hangonEthan #Iwasdefinitelypanicking


When we were leaving this fire truck pulled up next door and showed the girls the truck and let them sit inside - they were SO sweet. 

Aunt Nat and her girls on the beach 

Madeline and Emily were rocking these camo bathing suits and hats! 

Her happy sweet girl will probably be a lifelong beach bum. She had the best time! 

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