Wednesday, October 19, 2011


She has become family to me in San Angelo. I seem to pick up a family member or two each time we move! She dropped everything and came over when Madeline hit her head...she almost beat the ambulance! She has helped me paint my kitchen (another post), sod my backyard, brought teething gel and teethers when I was in tears because I didn't know how to get Madeline to stop crying one day, and countless other things that have boosted her from friend to family! So when her birthday rolled around a couple of weeks ago, we got together at Texas Roadhouse to celebrate. Her husband, Adam, is deployed and I wanted her to have a special day! She knew that we were going out to dinner but she didnt know all the gals from church were going to be there too! It was so cute and we had such a good time!

This has no relevance except that it is the biggest country fried steak I have ever seen!

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