Thursday, February 5, 2015

Never gonna get it...

A move in date is what I am referring to. It just keeps getting moved back which is SUPER fun for somebody like me who has control issues! ;) But they're down to a bunch of little things like cabinet hardware and door knobs so hopefully we'll be moving in on the 17th...for real this time! 

The house has changed a lot in the past couple of weeks! 

The finished our driveway and landscaping. The colors never look right in pictures but it turned out so pretty! 

Madeline took this picture and I thought it was so cute! She just runs around the yard nonstop when we go to the house now! 

This came in the mail today to go above her bed! I ordered it a couple of months ago and didn't know that the store I ordered it from was in Ferguson, MO so it took the lady a while to get it to me. After emailing the lady about how long it was taking, I felt so bad for her and grateful that I was able to help her in some small way. 

The kitchen...still needs hardware and obviously a good cleaning but I am loving it! 

I love the rope detail in the crown molding on the cabinet - it was an accident but I like how it turned out.

The half bathroom - there's no electricity turned on yet so the colors look weird. 

Our bathroom...

Terry's shower and our sweet girl! 

There's the shower Terry has been dreaming about! 

And Terry's other shower...outside with hot water! 

That's about it for now...counting down the days now!!! 

And in case you're wondering what Madeline has been up to...

she's been making sure everyone is working out! haha 

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  1. Madeline is so funny! Love everything! You did a great job picking stuff. Can't wait to come see it. We are so ready for summer. Lexi says, When it is hot, can we go see Madeline and wear shorts and build sand castles?