Thursday, May 9, 2013

Asthma and Anxiety

I don't think I've even posted about this...probably because I almost never post anymore but anyway, over the last several months Madeline's pediatrician has been telling me every time I bring her in that they think she probably has asthma.

In February, she got bronchiolitis (different from bronchitis) and it was the second or third time she'd had it in 6 months so they sent us home with a nebulizer. Madeline just seems to have a hard time breathing even with a cold - she wheezes pretty bad so they thought she needed one here. 

All that to say she got a cough about a month ago so I took her in after about two weeks of fighting it at home. They put her on allergy medicine that she takes every day now. Well, it worked for a couple of weeks but this week she started coughing again and by Tuesday night she couldn't stop. It was so bad that when she stopped coughing around 5am Wednesday, I checked to be sure she was breathing. So we spent a good part of Wednesday at the doctor. They wouldn't let us leave without doing a breathing treatment in the office and waiting to see if her breathing was better after. Let's just say it wasn't fun. But after heavy steroids, breathing treatments, and antibiotics she sounds so much better today. She is so funny on the steroids - today she literally ran laps back and forth across the couch. It's like she's gonna explode!

Anyway, all that to say I am worried about her traveling and being away from me. Even though she is snoozing next to Terry as I type. He's also the one who got her to take her breathing treatments back when all this first started. Those two have such a sweet bond, and I'm so thankful for him.

I almost had a heart attack when the lady at CVS came over with a grocery sized paper sack of medicine. Thankfully, we have good insurance and it didn't cost very much but I was a little nervous when I saw the bag! It should last a while I hope!

Best thing I ever did was set her nebulizer up by the light switch. Keeps her entertained!

After spending half our day at the dr's office she asked for ice cream so we stopped at Sonic after we dropped off her prescriptions. She rarely gets ice cream and never in the car so she was in heaven!

My sweet girl!!!

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  1. i had to do this at my allergist, had the test done twice, I'm severely allergic to a lot, everything but food and roaches. Dogs (and pollen in nov) are the only thing that make me cough severely. Has she had the allergy test done. i hate that she has to go through that so young