Thursday, May 30, 2013


I think after being home for almost a week, I am finally ready to get out in the real world again! I've been to church and work but that's about it. I think it could be due to going straight from crazy busy with school to Africa combined with some serious jet lag. It took me a few days but I finally have my sleep situated. We are venturing out now though and attempting to get into a summer routine. I have a list a mile long in my head of things I need to do this summer, most of which consist of getting rid of junk. There's a whole lot of stuff we can live without! This time next year we'll be putting the house on the market so I want to get it all ready before school starts again. Anyway, I am just rambling. Here's a few pictures of my sweet girl since I've been home! 

That's definitely a rock in her mouth...this is the best and worst age! 

My sweet girl! 

Ok so there's a lot of weeds in the backyard but its so green and most of the grass is still kicking two years strong! We have some work to do but it's not a bad start! 

I have so much to post about Africa but I want to do it well. It's coming...I am so glad to be home though. I feel like being there changed me a lot. I hope I can somehow reconcile my life here with what I saw and hope to do over there. I'm completely overwhelmed by God's goodness...we really are blessed to live in America!   

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  1. When did she get so BIG? Glad you are back among the living!!