Monday, September 7, 2015

Weekend Update: Birthday Surprise Edition

I surprised Terry with tickets to the Florida State game this weekend for his birthday. They played Texas State so it wasn't really a big game, but it was opening weekend so I figured it would still be fun. We had a blast!!!

We left around noon Saturday - Madeline could barely contain her excitement. ;) 

We stopped at my favorite gas station - my grandparents used to take us on a big trip each summer and they loved Love's. Sweet memories! 

We got to Tallahassee around 4pm but they're an hour later so it really wasn't a bad drive. 

The old capital building. I LOVE the mossy giant trees. 

We checked into our hotel and Madeline was pumped that we had a whirlpool tub....

and this awesome phone. It's so weird to me that she has never seen a phone like this except in hotels! haha She called Nana and Big Papi to tell them we were going to the game. 

Our view driving to the game - the capital building. 

Then we turned...uh-oh. 

We made it to the stadium pretty quick - we took a taxi because it was the same price as parking and we didn't want the hassle of finding public parking and walking. Madeline thought it was the best thing ever. 

This is how they were the whole time we were there - so cute! 

We made it to our seats and it was lightning so there was a 70 minute game delay.  Seventy minutes is like eternity when you're four. So we practiced cheers, selfies, and before we knew it, it was game time! We look a little rough but in our defense it POURED on us - no ponchos, no umbrellas, nada. We just sat there because we're hardcore! :) 

Somebody was beside herself with excitement! 

Our seats were a little high up but we had a really good view of the field. 

Warming up...


There were a couple of baton girls who were struggling during the half-time show. One girl in particular dropped hers at least 5 times. I mean its the first game and I can't imagine how nervous they were, but then they lit them on FIRE and I was scared for their safety. haha 


Madeline made it all the way through the game until about 2 minutes into the 4th quarter. She woke up for the fireworks show though and the ride home. 

We were right under the fireworks - it was seriously better than the 4th of July. It was impressive! 

My love - so thankful for him! 

We made it back to our room around 1:30am - the taxi idea was great for getting to the game but getting home, not so much. We waited forever for a cab. I think we were all asleep by 2:30. 

We checked out and headed home around 11. We stopped at Cracker Barrel to eat and played the Jelly Belly game on the way home. We do it every time we travel - it's like the unofficial version of Bean Boozled. I won! 

It was the best weekend - so thankful for my sweet Terry!

I did not wear FSU gear and I got regular updates on the Bama game from my Dad. Roll Tide! :) 

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