Sunday, September 27, 2015

Terry's Dad

Terry's dad passed away last Friday. We will miss him so much. I could never put into words what a good man he was. We love him so much. Madeline is trying to process all of it the best she knows how. We were honest with her about everything and she got to see him in the hospital and give him a kiss and tell him goodbye. We all got that chance to tell him everything we wanted him to know. God was so gracious to us during all of this. Terry and Natalie were with him until he died and he never suffered. Family and friends helped with so many things, and God's goodness showed all around us. 

We got to go through pictures and found some really good ones...Mr. Terry ALWAYS had the best hair! 

And look at him with Terry - the sweetest picture! 

I have to say that my sweet Terry has been through so much the past two years. His faith has never wavered. He has had so much on him the past couple of weeks, and he has handled it with such grace.  

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