Saturday, October 10, 2015

Baby # 2

A little background on baby...

Terry and I had put the adoption stuff on hold toward the end of the summer. There were so many decisions and it was really causing stress - the finances, decisions about the baby or toddler - we just weren't finding ourselves on the same page about some things. So we decided to spend some quality time with Terry's dad and also Madeline since she was starting school and maybe give ourselves some time to really think through every angle. 

Sometime in July, a good friend of mine from work who knew from the very beginning about us adopting had mentioned that her stepsister was considering adoption. She was about 4-5 months along though and not really sure. Then we went out to dinner one night for a girl's night and my friend's mom happened to be there. She brought it up again and mentioned they were going to have a serious talk with her about it and asked if Terry and I would adopt the baby if that's what she decided was best. I was a blown away but tried to keep my cool and said we'd all have to talk about it. Well after they talked, the birth mom wasn't sure what she wanted and just wanted to think about it. I honestly never gave it a second thought. This was all in July. 

Fast forward to September 15th, the day Terry's dad went into hospice care I get a text from my friend asking me to call her. Next thing I know, I get this text..

The birth mom had made up her mind three weeks earlier that she was certain adoption was best for her and the baby. They waited to be sure before asking us if we would adopt him. I was sitting in the hospice family waiting room when I got the text and the tears started flowing. They're flowing now thinking about it. God's timing is never wrong but I was so conflicted. I talked to Terry about it the next day and I was so nervous. He had so much on his plate and I was scared to put more stress on him. He looked at me and just said, "Well, you know this is what we've wanted for years so we'll just do it. Let's get through this first though. I don't know why you were stressing about talking to me. This is a good thing."

I planned to keep it quiet until we had talked to an attorney and all that but Terry just started telling everyone. For some reason, he didn't hear me tell him the baby was a boy when we firs talked, and when it came up again, I wish I had a picture of his face. It was priceless - he's never acted like he cared about gender but he was over the moon about having a boy and still is. 

So we have an attorney and our home study went well. There is so much that goes into an adoption even though ours is a little unique. Everything looks good so far though and our social worker assured us that she would vouch for us with the judge if he comes before the paperwork is done. I wish I could write all the ways God's hand could be seen in this but it would be a book. From the get go, I have had such a peace which is not like me. haha  We are so excited and can't wait to meet him! 

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  1. AMAZING!!! He is one blessed little boy to get to come home with ya'll!! So excited for you!!