Thursday, October 22, 2015


My birthday was Monday, and it was pretty much the best day ever. I took Madeline to school and went to Target all by myself. Our Target has a Starbucks which is an added bonus. I bought some really exciting things like a laundry hamper for Madeline's room, a curtain rod, and some thank you cards. It was heavenly though...I looked at baby stuff and snagged a couple of cute outfits on clearance for our sweet boy. I love Target! 

Then, I went to the mall which wasn't the best experience but oh well. I picked Madeline up from school and we had lunch. Terry surprised me and took half a day off. He bought me a gold watch - I have secretly been wanting one since mine got stolen last year but never even mentioned it to him. I was so surprised he got me exactly what I wanted! After lunch we all took a nap and then went to Hobby Lobby and Babies R Us. We finished the day at Texas Roadhouse and Terry and Madeline got me the cutest puppy cake. Madeline made me a Bible out of construction paper and even put a "receipt" in the bag with it. The cuteness of her on my birthday was almost too much! 

It was seriously the best day filled with my favorite people! 

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