Sunday, October 18, 2015

What's In A Name...

I think the hardest decision of all time is naming your child. They'll have it forever and I think people associate feelings and emotions with names. You know you can instantly feel good or bad about hearing certain names! 

My ladies at work - I call them ladies because all but about 2 of the women I work with are my parents age. They are God loving women and some of the best, brightest nurses I've ever been around. Anyway, the ladies knew we were looking into adoption and had kinda put it all on hold so when I told them about this baby, there was lots of excitement. One of the ladies I work with instantly said "let's google the Hebrew name for blessing!". So we did and Asher means happy/blessing. I loved it from the get go but had a feeling Terry may not. I thought it would be a great middle name. 

Well, I talked to Terry and Asher wasn't his favorite but he liked enough for a middle name. Plus - you just can't not love the meaning! So I told him he could have the first name  - I kinda liked Joseph but would call the baby Joey. Madeline actually came up with that but Terry wasn't a fan. He said Ethan almost immediately, and I loved it so much! Ethan means strong in Hebrew - so we literally have "Strong blessing" as a name. 

That means his initials will be EAR! haha But on a monogram it will be ERA so that's all that really matters! :) 

Here are the latest pictures of our sweet boy!!! 


  1. Super jealous you have the name decided!! :) Love it!!