Monday, October 12, 2015


Here's a little recap of life in September...

Madeline decided to fix herself a healthy snack one day...about 78 marshmallows in a jello jigglers container! 

She tasted baked some cookies! 

She got to spend some quality time with Papaw! 

She hung her sunglasses from her shirt like Big Poppy! 

We celebrated Terry's 34th birthday! Madeline picked out some presents for him at the dollar store all by herself. 

He scored some new flip flops, a football, a punching bag, and some candy! 

She was so proud and I could've died from the cuteness. 

We had birthday dinner and cake at Terry's dad's house...Kasey wasn't a fan of her party hat!

Terry got some help blowing out his candles! 

I got the best video of us singing Happy's the last video I have with Terry's dad and I am so glad we got to spend Terry's birthday with him. 

Madeline practiced being cute...

She's obsessed with the Star Wars section at Target. She loves "Dark Mader". :) 

Madeline had her first trip to the dentist. I know I am late with this but she did so good. We went to a pediatric dentist and it could not have been a better experience. Except for when the dentist jokingly asked Madeline if she drank coffee and Madeline told her yes! I could've died! 

We got to celebrate Aunt Nat's birthday with her too! 

Madeline took good care of my parent's dog, Pebbles. 

She also practiced her photography skills on me and Uncle John. 

We also got to celebrate my dad's birthday with him. Guess who his cake was for? :) 

One of our friends moms bought Madeline this cute puppet kit and she had a ball making puppets! 

Madeline also practiced having a baby in her belly. She got to meet our birth mom and feel the baby kick which prompted cute!!! 

Madeline started complaining about being hot at night and had to have a cold rag to go to sleep. #highmaintenance 

We announced our adoption...

Huggy (Steph) had a birthday too and her mom posted this picture of her. Isn't she the CUTEST baby? 

When Madeline came back to school from Terry's dad's funeral, her teacher gave her a kite. She has had the best time with it. I think the string finally broke, but it was so fun while it lasted. And how sweet are her teachers to get her a gift for her first day back? 

That's about it. September was a full month...we had lots of tears, lots of birthdays, found out about our sweet boy,  and said good-bye to one of the best men I've ever known. We will miss him so much, but are so thankful for so many good memories. 

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