Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Weekend Recap

We had a good weekend! 

I"ll spare you the picture but we started off the day at Urgent Care on Saturday. Madeline cut her finger on a kite string about two weeks ago and I put a bandaid on it and never really gave it a second thought. Well, Saturday she showed me her hand and it looked like something was eating it - it was terrible. Apparently she got a staph infection so she's been on a topical and an oral antibiotic every few hours. It is SO much better, Praise the Lord! 

We took Phoebe to the groomer Saturday morning, and she looks like a new dog! 

Saturday night we went out to eat on the beach with our good friends for my birthday dinner. It's the first date night we've had since July and we had SO much fun! 

Sunday afternoon we went to the pumpkin patch with a few other families. It was SO crowded...I think next year we'll go earlier in October. It was fun but lots of people! 

Madeline LOVED this zipline - she did a few times and cracked up every time. 

It only took her 6 days to pick out this pumpkin...well maybe it just felt like 6 days. 

Her favorite thing by far is the "candy corn"...she made "corn angels". That's pretty southern if you ask me! :) 

These two are a mess...they get into some trouble together but gosh they're cute! 

I took this picture off Facebook - I was missing Terry's dad so much Sunday. He took Madeline and me to the pumpkin patch last year before Terry got here, and we made such sweet memories there. 

I hate that he's gone, I really do, but I know he's so much better off in heaven. It also sweetens the memories we made, especially since we moved here. God is good - even in the hard things, He is so good. 

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