Tuesday, February 9, 2016

3 Months

Sweet Ethan, 

You are 3 months old!!! How is that possible? You are the best baby and you smile pretty much the whole time you're awake! 

You are still a big boy! You just outgrew your 3 month clothes so now you're in 3-6 months size clothes. You wear a size 2 diaper now too and I think you're around 14 1/2 pounds. We'll know for sure next time you go to the doctor. 

You're eating about 5-6 ounces at every feeding consistently now. You spit up after almost every single feeding. You don't act like it bothers you at all though. 

You're sleeping from around 9pm -7:30am pretty consistently. On days that I go to work you tend to go to bed closer to 8:30. You still take 2-3 naps a day. You take one in the morning, a long one in the afternoon and a cat nap from 6-7pm every night. 

What you're up to this month: 

*You still smile ALL.THE.TIME. You are the happiest baby I've ever been around. We can say anything to you and you'll smile. You will smile at anyone who talks to you. You also throw your head back when you smile. You get so excited. You actually busted my lip last weekend throwing your head back smiling at Daddy! 

*You scratch your face. BAD. So you have mittens or socks on your hands a lot. I trim your nails all the time but you still get scratches. I hate it! 

*You still love your carseat. If you do cry in the car, it's never for more than 5 minutes. 

*You're still pretty busy. You love your play mat but still hate tummy time

*You like the bumbo seat too...and Brody. He makes you laugh even when he's dressed like Batman

*You still love taking a bath. You kick your legs and still try to drink the water. 

*You are fascinated by your hands and suck on your whole fist sometimes. You still won't take a pacifier so I just gave up on that. 

*Tonight we are moving you to your crib. I found you like this during your nap this afternoon so I think it's time to move from your little bed to your crib. I am a little sad and a little worried. I can't believe you rolled over like this by yourself! 

*Your hair is still crazy...I think it may always be like that. It has thinned a little in the back of your head but it's long in the back like a mullet. It's pretty great, and everywhere we go people comment on your cute hair!

*You still talk a lot to us, and you smile a lot but you're not laughing just yet. You follow us with your eyes and will turn your head when we talk to you. 

*You adore Madeline and she makes you smile all the time. 

You are the sweetest baby, and sometimes I cannot believe how good you are. I am so thankful for your sweet little life! We love you SO much and cannot imagine our family without you! 

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