Thursday, January 28, 2016

My Girl

My sweet girl is getting so big! 

She is WAY into ballet and tap. She got measured last week for her recital costume. Thursday is officially her favorite day of the week. I love it too because it gives us some girl time. 

You can find her in these heels Aunt Nat bought her almost any time we're at home. Jeans, tee, sparkly heels, no big deal! 

She loves a pup. And I love her laugh...big puffy heart love her laugh. 

She was nowhere to be found but she left evidence behind on Gizmo. 

She is a little momma. She takes her baby in her carseat everywhere we go. She feeds her, strolls her around, and changes her diaper. Sometimes she forgets where she put her though! :) 

I started back to work last week so on Tuesday I picked her up from school a little early, took her to get a haircut, to lunch, and to a movie just the two of us. It was such a good day! She's at such a fun age. 

Love my sweet girl! 

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