Thursday, January 14, 2016

Christmas Recap

We stayed home for Christmas this year. We knew we were leaving the day after Christmas, and would see my family in January so we stayed home. It was so nice!

Santa came and brought lots of goodies! Madeline and Ethan both got chairs and Madeline got a baby in a car seat which is all she asked for! Oh and an umbrella...she has wanted an umbrella since we moved here. 

I finally woke her up at 9:00...she was beside herself with excitement on Christmas Eve and I think she just crashed. Sweet girl! 

This was by far the most fun Christmas...she was WAY into it and so was Gizmo! 

I got her a box of 35 colors of play was the first thing she opened and she wanted to show us every color. Every.Single.One. 

Me and my babies. Madeline helped Ethan open his presents! 

Phoebe patiently waiting for her gifts....

Her favorite gift was the umbrella...still is. 

This sweet boy gave me the best smiles on Christmas morning! 

We went to Terry's aunt's house for lunch...they made seafood and it was delicious. Ethan got to meet a lot of his relatives. He got lots of loving! 

He was loving this swing outside! 

Then this's exhausting being a baby! 

Sweet boy! 

Christmas night we went to my friend Amy's house. It's so nice to be close again , and their family has been like family to us for so many years. They fried chicken and had mashed potatoes, salad, and home made was the best! We are so grateful to have friends who treat us like family! 

It was a good Christmas!!! 

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