Friday, January 15, 2016

2 Months

My Sweet Boy, 

You are 2 months old!!! How did that happen? I am still in awe that you are here, yet I can't imagine our family without you! 

You are a big boy...23 inches and 13lbs 7oz at the doctor this week. You're weight exceeded your height growth :). I blame the holidays! 

You wear size 3 month clothes and size 1 diapers. 

You eat 4-6 oz every 4 hours...except at night. You almost always take 6 oz before bed and sometimes want to eat twice within about two hours of bedtime which is almost always 9pm. You only take about two ounces if you eat a second time though. 

You're sleeping about 10 hours at night in your bed in your room. Sometimes, I can't even believe it! You also take 2-3 naps throughout the day. It's hard to say with naps because we are on the go a lot. You almost always fall asleep in the car. 

What's New This Month:

*Your smile...ALL. THE. TIME. I can say anything to you and you'll smile at me! I am seriously head over heels in love with you. You are so stinking cute!!! 

*You coo at look us right in the eyes and "talk" to us

*Your head control is ridiculous,  you turn your head from side to side, and can push up on your arms during tummy time 

*You're sleeping through the night!!! I can't even believe that as I type it, but you sleep from 9pm to 7am pretty consistently now. I let you fill up before bed, and you go right to sleep. 

*You are are laid back but you are so busy. You are always looking around and kicking your legs. I think you are definitely going to keep me on my toes. 

*You found your tongue and your hands. You stick your tongue out a lot and grab onto anything you can get with your hands, especially my shirt and my hair! 

*You had your first road trip (two of them!), met lots of family and friends, first Christmas, and first trip to the park

Your great Uncle Tony and Aunt Marie 

Huggy and Honky came to see you and fell in love!

Brynn and Jaylei love you spent the whole time they were here in somebody's arms! 

*You got your first set of shots and you were hysterical. I'll say you got your first boo boo out of one of them too. They didn't do the shot right, and you bled and bled and your little leg was so sore. It was terrible! 


*Eating...pretty obvious but you are a good eater

*Bath love getting a bath. You just started trying to drink the water and it is hilarious! 

*Your car love to ride in the car

* LOVE music. You like to lay on the bed or floor on your back and kick your legs to whatever song is playing! 

* love to be outside. You like being in the carrier or being held, you just love being outdoors. 

*Madeline...she makes you smile and you adore her

*People in'll smile at anyone who will talk to you. You like to be held but you're very wiggly the whole time 

*Your just about won't fall asleep on us anymore. You want to be in your bed to go to sleep, even for naps. 


*Tummy hate it. You scream pretty much the whole time which makes me hate it too. haha

*Being hungry...that's about the only time you cry. That and getting your diaper changed before you eat. You really prefer that nothing get in the way of meal time! ;) 

You have already changed so much and are getting such a sweet personality. I adore spending my days with you and am dreading going back to work soon. I know you'll be in good hands but I am sure going to miss you! You have brought such joy to our family, and I am so thankful for your sweet little life! We love you! 

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