Thursday, February 18, 2016

Monumental Monday

Terry stayed home with the kids Monday since it was a holiday. Unfortunately hospitals don't close so I had to work. He texted me and said I was "gonna be so mad" and then sent me the following picture. 

He gave Ethan a haircut!!! Without asking me! But, dang, he looks SO stinking cute! 

I did get off work early and thank the Lord I did because we got the worst weather ever. I checked my phone when I got home and this was in the town near ours and moving our way. We did have a lot of warnings and knew we were under a tornado watch, but seeing it so close was scary. 

We were eating dinner and the weather started getting super crazy.  It was already dark so we couldn't really see what was going on outside. About 5 minutes after we sat down to eat, we heard the most horrifying sound and I knew it was a tornado.  I have been through a million storms and have never been so terrified. We grabbed the kids and ran to the bathroom and just prayed out loud. It was so scary. 

Everything was ok - it went through the back of our house and the only thing that didn't survive was some of our patio furniture. We found most of it Tuesday in our neighbors yard. We lost power until Tuesday morning but we were all ok. After the worst of it was over, we huddled up in our room until everybody fell asleep which was super early. 

SO thankful the good Lord kept our family safe. Monday was a BIG day!!! 

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  1. Ethan has so much hair!! Love the cut!! Glad y'all are safe!!