Thursday, June 28, 2012

18 Months

My Sweet Girl,

You are 18 months old today. I can't even believe it!!!!

You weigh about 25 pounds I would think. You wear size 18-24 months clothing, size 5-6 shoe, and size 4 diapers. 

You have about 12 teeth I think and are cutting more as we speak. You have been cutting the big ones and I can't imagine how much it must hurt. 

You are talking a lot now. You call my name to get my attention and know the names of all the dogs! You wake Gizmo up in the morning by hugging him saying, "Hi, baby!" in the sweetest voice! 

You know a lot of animal sounds although you tend to get stuck on one sound at a time. Some days everything says "moo" and other days they all say "baa". You always seem to get bumble bee, snake, and dog though. 

You are starting to recognize colors and you can count to three. You know a lot of body parts and love to point them out on me and Daddy and tell us what they are. You know eyes, ears, tongue, nose, hair, shoulder, knees, arms, belly, feet, toes, and tee-tee. We're working on back and booty! 

You still climb on everything. I finally put your high chair away because I was afraid you were going to seriously hurt yourself on it. I am a little surprise you haven't attempted to climb out of your bed yet. I am so thankful - I am not ready for you to be in a big girl bed yet. 

You are still a really good eater. You love fruit, corn, chicken, and cheese still. I really can't think of anything you won't eat. You love veggies just like you love cookies. You aren't taking a bottle at all anymore and haven't for a while but you still like your sippy cup. I guess it's a security thing for you. 

You just started playing with baby dolls. I think it is so cute. You feed them and push them in the stroller. You pat their backs - and say "my baby". It is so cute!!! 

You really love puzzles, balls, playing in the pool, but your favorite thing to do is read books. You will let me read to you forever. I love that about you! 

You still hate the car seat. Not sure if that will ever change although you are much better than you used to be. Not that I am trying to go on a road trip with you any time soon though! 

You give the best kisses. You stick your lips out and give me the "mmmmwahh" sound. I love it! You give pretty good hugs too! 

You sleep all night and you LOVE to sleep in. It is crazy to me that you go to bed at 9pm and will sleep  until 10am if I let you. You still take a nap but only one now! 

You are getting a little bossy in your old age. Your favorite word is NO and you say it a lot. You will also shush us if you think we're too loud. We have had to start setting some serious boundaries with you - I feel like you're testing the waters a little early but you are so sweet most of the time. You are also pretty sensitive so usually a stern NO gets your attention. I hope you stay that way! 

 So much has changed for us, sweet girl. I miss spending all day every day with you but have come to appreciate the time I get with you even more. I love getting to wake you up every morning and see your sweet sleepy face! I love putting you to bed at night after we read and pray. Every single day you make me laugh and show me something new to love about you. I cherish every moment...even when you drive me nuts! I love you will all my heart! 

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