Friday, June 8, 2012

What's Going On...

* I just finished training to wait tables at Outback in addition to's made for some long days but I am glad it's over.

* School started. I am taking Pathophysiology and it is fascinating but massive amounts of information. I go through each disease and all the symptoms and try to figure out if I or someone I know has any of them...someone told me nursing school would do that to me.

* We just finished the chapters on genetic diseases and I am even further convinced of what an awesome miracle a healthy baby is - so much to be thankful for!

* I am officially the old lady at work. The younger girls come to me for advice and offer to show me cute things to do with my hair. Gosh, I am OLD! I secretly like being the old one though :) 

* I have been struggling with guilt...about everything...I think its common in all moms. I am just trying to keep it all balanced and I always feel like I could do more in every area. I'm trying.

* I smell like food right now because I just got home. I am starving, stinky, and tired so I am going to bed. After I shower and eat.

* I promise I have pictures and better posts...later. Happy Friday!

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