Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Trouble With No...

No is a word I have a hard time locating in my vocabulary. It is, however, Madeline's favorite word currently. Just in the past week or two she says no ALL. THE. TIME.  Sometimes she is really playful about it but she has started saying no and throwing something down if she doesn't want it or sometimes she'll say no and run the other direction if I ask her to come to me. Monday she had such a rough day (behavior wise) and I felt terrible. It was just a crappy feeling getting on to her constantly.

I always thought my parents were lying when they told me it hurt them more to spank me than it hurt me to get a spanking. I guess I am seeing the truth to that now. I was so frustrated by the time Madeline went to bed Monday night, I was almost relieved for a break. And then I felt guilty for feeling relieved. I am guessing all moms go through this when their kid acts out but it really is a first for us. We have been trying very hard the past few days to not use the word NO and to get stern with her when she does. She seems to curb it when I remind her to be nice. I'm open to suggestions. She is a sweet girl but I feel like she is at the age where she can start to learn what is/isn't appropriate language and behavior. Anyway, the main reason for this post is so in 15 years when she is a teenager,  I can look back at how easy my life is now!

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