Monday, March 25, 2013

Proud Mommy Moment Monday

Don't you hate things that start off like that? And then there is something awesome that follows like, "Johnny ate all of his bunny shaped organic gluten free waffles made with blueberries that I grew in our backyard" Not that I'm a hater! ;) 

This moment is kinda the same thing! hah

Anyway, last Wednesday I had to go to mentor a couple of  new students who were doing some clinical stuff ( I know what you're thinking - me, a mentor? Scary!) but anyway, so that left Madeline with Terry. Well, somehow she figured out how to open the front door and before Terry knew it our neighbor was knocking on our front door with Madeline. He said he found her at the edge of our yard right by the street!!! It's a little funny now but it was for sure not funny when it happened! So anyway, Madeline and I made them a card and some cookies today as a very small gesture of thanks. 

On a serious note, I am so thankful for God's protection over her and for our sweet neighbor! Putting chains on all the doors is on the to do list - for now, the dead bolts seem to be working. What a scary day - so thankful for His hand on our sweet girl! 

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