Sunday, March 24, 2013

This and That...

Spring Break is over. Technically, it was over last Sunday but I still feel a little off schedule. We have been up to so many random things lately...

My parents came in for Spring Break so Madeline and I made them a sign!

All I did was the writing and a little supervising with the paint. They loved it! 

We went to get Madeline's toes painted with Brynn on St. Patty's Day, also Brynn's Birthday! 

I had to work that night and was so disappointed when I found out green beer was just beer with food coloring. I don't even drink beer but I've always thought green beer was so festive - what a let down!! 

I digress. Anyway, we also went to feed the ducks that afternoon. We started going to this little mobile home park that has a little pond thing to feed the ducks. It's only about a half a mile from our house just outside our neighborhood and its kinda turned into a weekly thing. Madeline loves it - she tears the bread into tiny pieces and throws them one at a time. I'm sure the ducks love her! 

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we got a visit from the laundry fairy!!! My parents caught up all my laundry while they were in town. Man, I love them! :) Best present I've gotten in a long time! 

All I think about is summer lately. I dream of sleeping in late, going to the pool, and just hanging out with my sweet girl. I kinda dream about cleaning out closets and getting rid of junk too - is that weird? :)  I'm excited!

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