Monday, October 21, 2013

30...and Trouble In Paradise

I am sitting in the airport in Orlando because guess what? My flight with American has been delayed for FOUR hours!!! 

I had the best birthday weekend. I flew in to Orlando on Thursday night around midnight, got up around 5 on Friday and we left for Tuscaloosa - also known as the greatest city on earth! :) Let me preface everything by saying I really thought I was an Alabama fan until I went to the game Saturday. But you see, apparently true fans have RV's that are painted in Bama colors and Alabama golf carts to match, they buy pigs to roast because we're playing the "hogs", and they have flat screens under their tailgating tents - which are of course Alabama themed. SO clearly, I am slacking as a fan! 

The game was pretty awesome. There is nothing like actually being there. The energy is electric and contagious! It was a sad game though...we won 52-0. While I love winning, it didn't make for a very exciting game. The stadium was probably more than half empty by the time the 4th quarter rolled around. 

How cute is the elephant the band "made"? I feel so nerdy saying this but I really loved the band - they were so talented! 

Selfie :) 

The highlight of my weekend was getting a picture with Big Al. Let me tell you - this doesn't just happen for everyone. He is a celebrity in Tuscaloosa! We happened to catch him right as he was getting ready to leave, and I told him it was my birthday and begged for a picture. He patted me on the shoulder like I was a 5 year old! Whatever - it worked! I was so excited!!! 

Of course the best part of my birthday was getting to spend time with my parents. My mom rode in the RV with us up there but didn't go to the game. I had such a good time with them - it was so weird that it was just me and them. I don't know if that's ever happened! It was great!!! 

To top off the weekend, Terry's team, FSU, won too. Now, let me give you some bad news. The BCS rankings came out yesterday. FSU had a major win Saturday and now they're #2. SO Alabama is #1 and FSU is #2 and there are talks that our teams will meet in the national championship. It's still early in the season but let me tell you - it may get ugly. I really love Terry but not enough to root for FSU in the championship should it come to that!  :) 

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  1. You're pretty much the coolest person I know! Looks like an awesome weekend!