Thursday, November 7, 2013


 We had so much fun with Halloween this year!!! I am certain we had at least 5 Halloween events and Madeline had the time of her life at every one of them! She wouldn't wear her owl costume this year - she refused to wear it last year too. She won't wear any costume that goes around her head. Thanks to the Halloween episode of Dora, she wanted to be a bumble bee! 

Trunk or Treat at church
 On Halloween Madeline had a party at school. They asked the parents to come for the "party" if we wanted to so I did. It was me and one other mom, and it wasn't much of a party. It was a bunch of 2 year olds eating cupcakes. Madeline saw me and immediately said, "Mom, I not go yet. I gotta eat my pancake". Pancake = cupcake. I felt so loved! :)


When we got home, we got our own party started. I decided that this year is the year we are starting our family traditions. I want every holiday and birthday to be special. Before I picked her up from school I did a little baking. I was making this popcorn candy corn thing but I burnt the white chocolate so that was a bust!

Burnt white chocolate = not very appetizing

 The popcorn survived and nobody knew the difference...except me.
I also made candy corn cupcakes...I have to say they were delicious and SO pretty. I don't think my cupcakes have ever looked so good! haha

Madeline helped me decorate the table. She had so much fun setting out the plates, cups, and napkins. She also put one of her forks and spoons on every napkin. It was so cute! We had Frito pie for our meal to round out the healthiness! 


 After we set up for our party, and Terry got home we went trick or treating. Our neighborhood is so crazy on Halloween. It was insane how many kids there were. Madeline had so much fun though and wasn't scared of anything. One guy brought a real chainsaw and cranked it and people were screaming. I thought it was so funny. Madeline wasn't even phased by it - she was in the candy zone. She is normally kinda shy but she was saying trick or treat, thank you, and happy Halloween to everyone we saw! She loved seeing all the costumes, and her favorite thing was seeing dogs dressed up. It was so fun!
Even Gizmo loved Halloween!!!

After the second street Terry came home to hand out candy, and we went down one more street. Madeline would've never quit but it was so dark, and she already had so much candy! When we got home we ate and had our little party. Madeline was going crazy - she was running laps and throwing napkins in the air one minute, and the next thing I knew she was passed out on the couch. It was hilarious! She slept until 9:45 Friday morning  and she looked pretty rough when she woke up. I don't think she has ever had so much fun - even at Disney World. 

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  1. Looks like the best life any little girl could want!! :)