Sunday, March 2, 2014

This and That...

*Our house will go on the market tomorrow...I am ready but really not ready. I don't think it will ever look good enough to me. We're hoping the real estate market here will help it sell quickly.

*I start residency the day after we get back from spring break. I'll be "working" at Community for a few weeks until I get 100 hours in. It kind of sounds like a lot but it's really only about 8 shifts. It should give me a good dose of what working 12 hour shifts will be like. 

*My doctor put me on a new medicine to help balance my hormones, and it has been kicking my butt. One of the side effects they didn't mention was nausea and vomiting. I have never really had a reaction to any medication so two negative pregnancy tests later, I called them and found out it was the medicine. haha Not fun, but I think it's working so I want to stay on it. She said it should even out in about 4-6 weeks so I'm about halfway there.

*We're headed to Florida this weekend to look at properties, schools, and make some drives. There are a few options for towns where we could live, but it's kind of difficult to decide not knowing where I will get a job. I would love to just get a beach house but Terry wants a yard. And we didn't win the lottery this week. We might increase our chances of winning if we played...

*My dream house just went under contract! Boo....but I found another one I reeeallly like and its (a lot) cheaper so we may look at it while we're there. Houses seem to sit on the market there for at least 6 months, and a lot of them closer to a year so I feel like the houses that just came on the market could still be there when we're ready to put in a contract. This one is the one I love this week... haha

 Terry said it looks like a cardboard box...he hates siding. He's all about the brick. I really don't get that - anyway, this is the view across the street...makes the siding seem totally worth it to me.

              And the backyard isn't too shabby either....

And that's basically all that matters to me! haha Not that I'm shallow but a girl in Florida really needs a pool! :) Sooo Shyanne and Briane, I am expecting y'all to back me on this! haha This could be the site of the 2015 Ladies' Retreat! 

Anyway, clearly I waste too much time on zillow!

*I think we've decided against trying to build. There are a lot of new cookie cutter homes, but we really don't want to do that again. Custom home building is really expensive, and you have to find your own lot. Since it's so close to the water, it's a lot trickier (hello, flood zones and homeowners insurance) and a lot more expensive than it sounds. 

*Madeline has been keeping me on my toes lately. She's been throwing some tantrums here and there. Overall, she is really so much fun, and makes me laugh a lot. But when the mood strikes, watch out! Time out seems to work the best for tantrums (for both of us), and she has fallen asleep a couple of times during time out so maybe some of it, is that she was tired. Everyone told me, "just wait til she turns 3!" She lives up to that some of the time! :) She really is so sweet though...most of the time! 

*Finally, I have been applying for real jobs. I am hoping to start interviewing in the next couple of weeks. I am being honest  with employers about leaving, and hoping the Lord will just open the door for the right job until we move.  The recruiter at Shannon called me Thursday about a potential position in the ER and I also applied for a position at Community in Pediatrics and in the NICU. I will honestly take any job, but I looooovvveee the ER. So we'll see! It is so crazy to think I am almost done and ready to work! I'm really excited and pretty terrified too! :) 

So that's what we've been up to...doesn't sound like much but the weeks have been flying by! Terry has really busted his butt getting the house ready - I am so thankful for him! 


  1. I'm on your side for the house!! I think it's cute in the front, and the back is like "BAM" with that huge pool and landscaping!! LOVE IT!

    So much happening for you guys lately, seem like I can't keep up!! :)

  2. For sure!! You gotta have the pool!