Monday, July 7, 2014

99 Problems...

Well, the rock saga continues. We went to the pediatrician last week, and there is still something in Madeline's forehead. He said they could do an xray to try to determine what it is but its so small they more than likely wouldn't be able to tell. Or he said they could cut her head open to see but that exposes her to infection, scarring etc. The third option was to leave it alone and see what happens. So I chose option #3. The doctor said he's pretty sure its one of two things: blood pooled under skin or a rock. Either way, time will take care of it. Her body will eventually reject the rock or the pool of blood will dissolve eventually. 

So I chose option #3... wait and see. I don't want to cut her head open unnecessarily so I figured we should just wait it out and Terry agreed. But my sweet girl is so big, and she really loves going to the doctor. Sometimes I think I should worry that she loves going so much...maybe it just means she has a future in healthcare! 

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