Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Big Things...

It's been an eventful week. So many things happening here in the old apartment! haha 

First things first...I found this at the grocery store. 

 Be still my beating heart!

I start night shift tonight. Like the drinkI packed? I have tried to get on more of a night schedule but it just hasn't worked. So I know I'm gonna be tired tonight, hence the coffee creamer.

Perhaps even more exciting than Taco Bell's mild sauce in the grocery store is the fact that we're now under contract for the land for our house!!! Closing should be quick and painless with these sellers (long back story on the first lot we made an offer on that most of you who read already know), and we got a good deal. Our lot is the square corner lot - the buzz words are to try to keep our address off the internet. The big dark green space is a lake on a golf course so I think we got a pretty great location! I am SO excited!!!

This is the outside of the house we picked...I REALLY wanted a side garage but it's a major upgrade so I decided I'd rather spend the money on the inside of the house. We had about a 4 hour meeting with our builder over the floor plan, and finally got it the way we want it. We added a half bathroom, but other than that, it's pretty much the same.

Now I have to decide brick colors which is really hard I think because you don't really know what it's all going to look like together. We'll have stucco and brick on the exterior. It's between these three...I think the dark is a little too dark but houses in Florida tend to get rust stains on the outside over time so I'm a little apprehensive to go with a light color.

Finally, Twayne and I aren't the only ones who had a big week! This girl did too but it deserves its own post! :) My crazy girl! 


  1. YOUR house is going to be awesome! Can't believe it's all coming together! I like the rock on the last picture!!

  2. wow! I would LOVE to be by water!!!!! That will be sooo nice!!!