Sunday, July 6, 2014


I think every time we move, I have forgotten how bad it sucks! And not to be a complainer because San Angelo really does need the rain, but this is what our moving day looked like! 

It is a true miracle that I didn't break anything, bones I mean...I slipped about 18 times that day but only had about 6 bruises and one big cut when it was all over! haha I am not the most coordinated on a good day, but add in pouring rain, uhaul ramps, and heavy furniture and I'm an ER visit waiting to happen! It was a looooong weekend, but Twayne and I make quite the team these days! 

Now our apartment...I don't want to sound ungrateful because we do have a roof over our heads. However, there's a slight odor when you walk in the building. Kinda like a cat died with a cigarette in its mouth right after it peed on the floor. Is that too graphic? It doesn't smell in our apartment though so that's good. But the carpet is gross, and we had a major leak in the wall of the kitchen the second day we were here and had to wait for maintenance and then a plumber all day the next day.

But the beauty of an apartment is you don't pay for it!!! Yay! And the management was really nice, and waived our pet deposit, which was a lot so I was okay with that! They also said since our carpet is in less than desirable shape that we're guaranteed to move out without owing anything - they even put it in writing for me. So it all worked out.

Here's the big reveal...

 We didn't leave the mirror like that...Terry just thought he'd be funny. There's actually nothing on any of the walls because I don't want to cover holes when we leave. It's just easier not to hang anything! 

And the wall of mirrors!!!! My favorite part of the apartment!

We're pretty much all setttled now. It's a little crowded, but honestly its really not that bad. I can clean the whole apartment top to bottom in about 30 minutes! There's no maintenance, and of course the pool. I think we've been swimming at least every other day since we've been here. It's just what we do now! 

We finally got our internet hooked up and working right this past week so hopefully, I can catch up on blogging! :)

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  1. I've been dying to catch up on your blog!! :) The apartment looks great!! I like the mirrors!!