Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Canoe Trip

My friend Morgan came to visit last week for her spring break and we had a good time. She wanted to really experience Florida so we took her to the beach, to get some good seafood, and of course we had to take her to the woods! Saturday we loaded up and went on a 4 mile canoe trip. Terry was helping his dad with some stuff Saturday so it was just us girls. I was a little terrified because I am not the most coordinated person and I can't remember the last time I went canoeing. Plus I've only ever been with somebody who knows what they're doing! haha 

We did it though and didn't even tip over! I do have some blisters from gripping my paddle too hard and one cut on my arm from running into a tree once but I'd say it was a pretty successful trip! :) To top it off, Madeline was on her best behavior so it really was pleasant. I didn't get many pictures - no time to paddle and take pictures but it was a really pretty day. I told Terry I definitely need a canoe now that I'm an expert! 

We did see a few turtles and two snakes. One of the snakes was on the trail above and he was sitting up looking at us. Of course, Madeline wanted to pet him and I had to explain to her that you can't pet snakes outside. She proceeded to explain to me that he probably wouldn't bite her because snakes at the zoo don't bite. I am telling you that kid is gonna be a lawyer someday... she's a master negotiator. So we had a big talk about poisonous snakes and the dangers of them. I don't want her to be scared but I don't want her trying to hug an alligator either. She's definitely my kid! 

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