Saturday, March 21, 2015

Hair cut and the beach

Just get ready to see pretty much only blog posts about the beach because that's all Madeline wants to do. She has no fear of the water and would just live on the beach if she could. We're working on teaching her a healthy respect for the far she thinks she can swim from one side of the gulf to the other. 

Btw - no clue why she wore her panties under her bathing suit...sigh. 

Yesterday we were trying to kill some time while Terry's dad had his procedure so I took Madeline to the mall to get her hair cut. On the way in, she ran right into someone's side view mirror. I thought she was being a little dramatic by the way she cried but then when they pulled her hair back I felt a little bad, especially since I laughed when it happened. I know that makes me a bad mom but I just couldn't help myself - she wasn't even looking where she was going and that is exactly the kind of thing that happens to me a lot! #shegotitfromhermomma

I really love long hair on little girls but Madeline's hair just looks SO sweet short. My baby is so big!!

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