Thursday, December 10, 2015

One Month

 My Sweet Boy,

You are ONE MONTH OLD!!! How did that happen? You turned one month old yesterday. I had great aspirations of having your monthly pictures in your cute chair for your room, but alas, it hasn't come and I didn't want to wait. The living room rocking chair wasn't the best idea because you kept sliding but it was 10pm so it had to do! :) 

You are a big boy. You weigh 10lbs 7oz and are 22 inches long. You are wearing 3 month clothes and size 1 diapers. 

This is how you fell asleep last night...deep in thought, probably about milk! 

You eat every three hours consistently. You are eating 4oz at every feeding pretty much. Your last feeding of the night, you are now eating more like 5-6 but you are sleeping for 5-6 hour stretches so I guess thats ok! You are a good burper and you do spit up too but not too bad. 

You found your thumb early on - like in the first few days of your life. You do take a pacifier but not consistently, and you make a terrible face when I put it in your mouth. When I see you sucking your thumb, I offer your paci instead. 

You sleep like a champ. You were waking every 3 hours to eat and going right back to sleep, but lately you have been eating a lot at your 10pm feeding and then snoozing until 3-4am. Amazing! You had a little trouble in the beginning but once we switched formula and bottles, you did great! I swaddled you in the beginning but you kept busting out and we would find you like this! Now you scream if I try to swaddle you so you just sleep in your pajamas. You are also a HOT baby so no sleep sacks for you...not yet anyway. 

You do the sweetest things with your hands while you're asleep. I love it! 

Your first bath at home and your bath last night! Look how much you've changed!!! You LOVE bath time. You instantly calm down in the bath tub and you just soak it all in. 

Your's pretty much the best thing ever. It's even wilder now but I am afraid it may be thinning a little. It's amazing! 

You're not really doing much activity have amazing head control, even your pediatrician was impressed with how strong you are. Yesterday, you rolled over on your gym during tummy time from you tummy to your back. I think it was a combo of being on the little pillow that's on it and the fact that you got mad, but you sure enough rolled over yesterday. Not sure if you can do it again though! 

You like your swing but for short periods of time. Your favorite place is in your rock and play or being held, of course. You love your car seat (hallelujah!) and you are so laid back. You don't cry unless you're hungry or sometimes right before you fall asleep, you'll fight it. You are so content - I hope you stay that way! 

Highlights this month...

Awkward family photo at dinner!

You watched your first FSU game with Daddy! 

Meeting Pebbles, Nana and Big Poppy's dog! 

You met your great grandparents on Daddy's side. Papaw Paul and Grandma Margaret. They adored you, and it was so sweet to see them with you! 

You also got some serious love from Nana and Big Poppy! I don't have any pictures of you with Nana but she held you the whole time she was here!

Your first Thanksgiving!!!

Madeline ADORES you...she is such a good big sister. She gets upset when you're upset, and wants to hold you, feed you, and be where you are all the time. She got upset when she realized you weren't going to school with her! 

 You waved! Just kidding but you're super cute!!! 

We love you so much!!! I can't imagine our family without you in it. You are the sweetest baby, and I am so grateful God chose us to be your parents! 

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