Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Ethan Asher

I got a text early Sunday morning November 8th that our birth mom was showing some signs that labor could be coming soon. We kept in touch all day but not much more was happening so we went to bed. About 10:45pm I got a text that she decided to go into the hospital so I got showered, freaked out :), and headed there to meet her. We live about an hour from the hospital so they were already checked into a room when I got there around midnight. She was actively laboring and 4cm dilated when I got there. She finally got an epidural around 1:30am and around 2 was at a 6. I debated whether to call Terry but nurse thought since it was her first baby it would still be a while.

 They came in again around 4-4:15 to check her and she was a 10!! I called Terry and she began to push around 4:30. 5 pushes and almost 20 minutes later, he was here! I got to watch him come into the world and right as he came out, I lost it. What a miracle! 

He weighed 8lbs 12 ounces and was 20 inches long. He was a big boy! I went with him and our birth mom's stepmom stayed with her. He had a head full of hair and the cutest cheeks! 

The hospital had not done an adoption in a long time, and they really kinda made the whole thing a disaster. I ended up staying with the baby and the birth mom in a room - it turned out to be fine but it was a long couple of days! We came home late Tuesday night. 

I feel like just this week we are finally settling in. Madeline adores him but she's had some behavior issues since he came home. I've heard from everybody that it's normal for the older sibling to act out but she wore me out the first week home. Ethan eats every 3 hours like clockwork and is such a laid back baby. He loves his carseat, he loves to be held, and he'll sleep almost anywhere you lay him down. He is SO different from Madeline. I did switch his formula and bottles because he had some major gas but since then he's done great. Sometimes I feel like I need to pinch myself...I cannot believe we have a newborn. It's almost like God took our hands and pulled us through this adoption. Funny how He takes over when I let go. :) Anyway, we feel so blessed and are just in love with Ethan. Our babies are such miracles - each in their own way. Here's a few (or a ton) of pictures from the first week! 

Madeline meeting Ethan for the first time...she was shy at first but then she was over the moon! She was precious with him! 

Terry was pretty proud too! 

First bath...clearly, he loved it! :) 

Handprints and footprints 

Ready to go home finally!!! 

My loves...

Late night snuggling! 

Terry's aunt and cousin came to see him the day after we got home - they were his first visitors at home! 

So far so good...I did forget how tired you are with a newborn, but I didn't forget how much I love this phase. The snuggles, the sweet newborn noises, and that sweet baby smell! I am in love!!! 

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