Wednesday, May 2, 2012


This week = no good for blogging. I guess I am getting a taste of being a working woman. It sucks. I am tired and feel run ragged! I think it is primarily because school is wrapping up and I am preparing for finals - I can't believe in one week and a day, I'll be done for the semester. I honestly thought when I registered for 17 credit hours that I would drop at least one class but it looks like I am going to pass all of them. Yea!

I do like my new job though - they are super nice and there is pretty much zero stress involved! Madeline is going to daycare at Stephanie's for now and I couldn't have asked for a better transition for her. She loves it over there. The best part about being away from her during the day is she is very cuddly at night. I miss her though, and I find myself wanting to wake her up at night to hang out with me. I just really love that kid!

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