Saturday, May 26, 2012


 * College Football is just 95 days away. LSU is #1 pre-season but we are still gonna be good this year - mark my words!

* Alabama plays Michigan at the Cowboys stadium September 1 - aka my birthday present! Well, it better be -- are you reading, Terry?! Haley - you and Cam should meet us there!

* We decided to go out to dinner tonight. Thankfully we decided not to go to Outback because Madeline peed on me during dinner.  I was wearing white pants - not pretty! See - I told you this post would build your self esteem!

* We got new furniture today - ok well it's ordered but it won't be in for 2-8 weeks. I'll let the suspense build!

* I start summer school a week from Monday! Boo!

* I keep teetering between feeling like I should wake  up at 6:30 every morning and clean, work out, and get so much accomplished every day before work and enjoying sleeping in all summer. Lately I have been doing the latter.

* I really love sleep and so does my sweet girl so I think we're just gonna enjoy summer!

Isn't she sweet? Although this was in her more rebellious days of NOT sleeping!

* I ran into the wall and knocked the phone off the podium at work last week - all in the same day! So graceful! Another self-esteem booster - you're welcome!

* I have always heard how fast life goes by once you get older, settle down, and have kids but it is going by ridiculously fast. I can't believe this was a year ago...

* My awesome sister turned 30 on Thursday so I had to think of something to embarrass her a little so I sent her 30 balloons. My parents hand delivered them for me via their church van which made it that much more awesome! Happy Birthday, Brooke! I am so glad you're older than me! I love you! 

Hope yall are having a good weekend! 

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