Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Got It From My Momma

My nickname as a kid was Messy...I was a messy kid for sure. Not that my house would win any awards for cleanliness now but I have come a long way. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree...especially an unsupervised apple! Madeline managed to do all of this while I made dinner last night. 

Isn't it WAY too soon for her to look so annoyed with me? :) 

That would be 324 flash cards that I have picked up but still have to sort. I had been keeping them on top of her chest of drawers because we do them every night and I never thought she would get them up there. Wrong...rocking chair + climbing toddler = no safe places. 

There was a fish fry Monday night at church but this kid had no nap (Terry had her all day while I was at work and they played hard) As you can see from the picture, she wasn't really in any shape to go anywhere! :) I was sad we missed it but glad for a little family time too! And, yes, she does this all on her own - climbs in her chair from the floor with the tray on when she is ready to eat and last night climbed out when she wanted to get down. Oh man...I think it's time for a booster seat! 

Madeline was glad for family time too! hah

And speaking of getting it from my momma, that's where I learned to cook the best roast ever. It always reminds me of her and it is SO good! 
Side note - one thing she didn't get from me is the climbing. Everyone I know says the same thing, "I remember my kid(s) climbing but not like that. Everyone except my mother-in-law that is. Apparently, she got the out of control climbing gene from Terry. 

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