Monday, May 21, 2012


I am sure my three followers have been wondering where I am. Well, the day after I finished my last final, Terry tore the kitchen apart. If you're thinking we seem to always have a project going on, you would be correct. This one was the most stressful I think though because it is kinda the center of everything and it took a little over two weeks to complete. Terry and Adam worked hard sanding, painting, and adding handles to the cabinets and I painted the walls. If you are thinking that I have painted the kitchen before - you would be correct again. Twice. This makes the third and I PROMISE last time I will paint the kitchen. I love how it turned out and am looking forward to relaxing for a couple of weeks until school starts back!

This is the best before picture I could find -- you can see the hideous cabinets and also the missing ones to the left of the sink. 

And After...a little blurry but I am tired! 

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  1. It looks great!! The cabinets look 10 times better!! I wanted to sand and paint our kitchen table, but Jason wouldn't let me!! :( Probably because he knows he will be the one doing it!! :)