Tuesday, December 10, 2013


BOP in the military world stands for Base of Preference. It's a form you get to fill out when you're gearing up to leave San Angelo. Terry filled ours out last week. It's a little bit of a joke because supposedly you get to choose what base you want when you leave from here but you can only get stationed where they need people in your rank. They gave Terry a list of 6 bases to choose from and the options weren't all that appealing...unless Nebraska suits your fancy.
But on the list was Hurlburt Field in Florida. So that was our #1 pick and there's a really good chance we'll get it according to Twayne.
The good news - it's close to his dad (and rest of his family) - like 30 minutes, we grew up in that area so it's familiar, we have friends there, and it's super close to the beach - like 5 minutes. If you know me at all, you know that for 10+ years I have REALLY missed the beach. My parents are also about 7 hours away which is a lot better than 24!
The bad news -- my heart stopped a little when he called me and I was faced with actually moving. I am going to miss Texas...we have made some pretty amazing friends here...and it is kind of expensive to live there, especially compared to San Angelo. And if I am really honest, there is something so weird about the prospect of moving back where we grew up - I think it will be an adjustment finding where we fit in if that makes sense.

I am trying to talk Terry into a beach house but he seems to think things like hurricanes and homeowner's insurance would be a problem. :) If we don't choose a beach house, we will still live about 5-10 minutes from the beach itself so I think I can live with that. And I am not just saying this because we're from there, but they really are the prettiest beaches in the US...white sand, blue water...I am trying not to get my hopes too high. Our other choices are Ohio and Colorado. I have no desire to go to either place so my hopes are really high for Florida!
All that to say, that we are gearing up to put our house on the market next month which means a lot of packing and a lot of work for me! I'm a little sad to be honest to leave this house - it was the first home we bought and where we brought Madeline home from the hospital. Even with its popcorn ceilings and falling down fence, I am attached to it. Hopefully, it will sell quickly and we can get settled into a new place by the spring. We'll just rent somewhere until we get our official orders to move.
I cannot believe how fast the past 3+ years have gone by! Moving...it's one thing I love and hate about being a military family! So if over the next month or two you see me with bags under my eyes, frizzier than normal hair, or mismatching clothes you'll know why! haha

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  1. NOOO!!!

    Will be praying for y'all to get Florida!! Love you guys!!