Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Party

There is one work function of Terry's that I look forward to every year - the Christmas party! It is so much fun and they give away awesome door prizes. This year Terry was in another competition but he got 2nd was a sad day. It was a scavenger hunt where every contestant had to find whatever random thing they called out - like a set of keys to a Ford, a receipt, chapstick, etc. It really wasn't a fair fight because our table was in the very back and the game was at the front of the building. We were smart and got one of the other guys at our table to run things to Terry so that helped a lot. We also dumped our purses out so we could be ready which helped too. I get so intense at these parties! The last thing they called for was a flip phone but we didn't get one to Terry in time. I was so depressed! haha But I did win a wine tasting party for 10 at Concho Valley Wines. I was so excited just to win anything!

Terry would NOT pose for a good picture...

The girls - Calli, Christy, and me

Anyway, we had so much fun and it was so nice to get out together! After the party we took Madeline to see the lights around the river which I am pretty certain was the highlight of her month! It was a fun day!

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