Monday, December 30, 2013


My Sweet Girl ,
*You finally broke the 30 pound were 30.4 lbs at the doctor a couple of weeks ago. You wear a 3T in most things, although you have to wear boots with your pants because they would be too short otherwise. You have LONG legs - lucky! You wear a size 8 shoe and only wear a pull up at night. Most nights you don't need one but you still have the occasional overnight accident so you still wear them to bed. You also still love your affair that is going to have to end soon.
*You are so know your alphabet, upper case and lower and the sounds that the letters make. I really think you could be reading by your next birthday. You love books and sometimes I find you "reading" to yourself or the dogs!
*You're not quite as good with numbers but can count to 20 and have a little understanding of what the numbers mean 
*You are getting to be a picky eater. I just fix your plate and let you decide what to eat. You eat a lot some meals and almost nothing at other meals. I just refuse to fight you over food so I try to give you healthy-ish options and let you eat however much you want. Your favorite foods are still cheese, bananas, and you LOVE broccoli, green beans, and marshmallows!
*You are so get very concerned if Daddy or I have a boo-boo or are sad. You are quick to offer us a "band-ded". You want to be sure everyone is ok!
*You are OBSESSED with Disney got the Barbies for Christmas this year, the Little People ones last year, and they go everywhere with you, even to bed. 
*Bed time is really a struggle. You don't like sleeping in your room and although you do every night, you still act like you don't want to every. single. night. It can be very frustrating at times, but I know this too shall pass! You always say you want Mommy or Daddy "wit" you. 
*You love a party and I think you actually understood that it was your birthday on your birthday and that you are 3 now instead of 2. You told everyone we saw on Saturday. 
*Your best friend is probably Aunt Natalie or as you call her "Ain't Nat". You love her so much and you two do everything together when we see her. So sweet! 
*You come home from school, church, or wherever we've been and change into a princess dress and high heels. You are no slacker when it comes to fashion! 
*You have the sweetest smile and are still so funny! You are still SO shy though...definitely not a trait you got from me. You are really slow to warm up to people but when you out! 

Everyone has told me that three is a hard age. I guess we're about to find out together!  You are my sunshine. Happy 3rd Birthday (plus 2 days), sweet girl!!! We love you with all our hearts!

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