Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Week

We had a really great week leading up to Easter. Madeline had a party and egg hunt at school, and we had a big picnic at church. I LOVE Easter...I love what it stands for, and it has always been one of my favorite holidays. I love going to church and celebrating a risen Savior, and being with my family. This year Madeline woke up so sick. She started kind of squealing like she was in pain while I was helping her get dressed, and then she just got so sick. And it didn't stop. I felt so bad for her, and honestly I was so bummed. I know that sounds selfish, but that's just how I felt. She's finally acting like herself today, and I bleached the entire house yesterday, even though I know in my little nurse heart that it's too late to start sanitizing after the fact. It still made me feel better. 

Anyway, so our Easter wasn't like I imagined. We read the Easter story, and talked all about how Jesus died for us and rose again so we can have life with Him forever in heaven. I had to remind myself that really all that matters is simply that. Not Easter dresses, big meals, egg hunts, or anything else. Just Jesus, and that He lives so that we can live.  

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